Excellent Eye Doctor in New Rochelle

Excellent Eye Doctor in New Rochelle

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Don’t let Glaucoma hold you back. Zip through the fast-track, speeding toward a new horizon—one where your vision isn’t clouded by the crippling symptoms of this condition. Keep in mind, two kinds of Glaucoma exist, each of these requiring a different approach to getting it treated. Whichever the case, you can visit Dr. Chris DiGiorgio an excellent eye doctor in New Rochelle NY.

As one gets older, it’s not an option to not visit health professionals for checkups. No, these examinations are mandatory—especially past the age of 40. So get into the habit of regular visits. The benefit of being a proactive (rather than reactive) patient is that, most of the time, if you do spot a harmful condition like Glaucoma, it should be early enough in its stages that it hasn’t done any real damage yet. Not only that, it’s easier to treat. The two kinds of Glaucoma are angle-closure glaucoma (ACG) and open-angle glaucoma (POAG). Sneak thief of sight is what the second is known by because of its chameleon-like ability to exist without you even noticing, slowly damaging eyes and vision. Until…one day you wake up and you wonder when, how, and why your started getting so bad. ACG, on the other hand, is far more abrupt. Some common symptoms of these conditions include: nausea, rapid sight loss, intense head/eye pain, and rainbow-like circles when looking at bright lights. If you suspect that you’re afflicted by one of these two types of Glaucoma, don’t think twice about visiting an excellent eye doctor in New Rochelle NY. A high-quality professional, like Dr. Chris Digiorgio.

Don’t dawdle any longer, wondering whether or not to seek help. If you have to consider it, then there’s your answer. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Chris Digiorgio today and be well on your way to meeting with an excellent eye doctor in New Rochelle NY.

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