Mamaroneck contact lenses

Mamaroneck Contact Lenses

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Mamaroneck

Many people need to rely on optical goods like glasses and contacts in order to see clearly everyday. When it comes to maintaining your prescription lenses, it helps to see an eye doctor regularly for exams and screenings. Operating in New Rochelle’s Costco branch since 2007, our resident eye doctor Dr. Chris DiGiorgio is here to help make sure that everyone in your family gets the comprehensive vision care they need every year, so if you are looking to get Mamaroneck contact lenses, just pay us a visit at One Industrial Lane.

Dr. Chris DiGiorgio has been providing eye and vision care for patients of all ages for decades, and here at our Costco Optical location you and your family can benefit from all of our available options. Annual eye exams and vision screenings are recommended for everyone, even people who don’t normally wear glasses or contacts at all. Vision can always change, and vision impairments can develop slowly over time. Even adjusting your prescription lenses the smallest bit can make a huge difference. If you are new to contact lenses or are looking to switch, we can help. Here at Dr. DiGiorgio’s office we can offer you plenty of options when it comes to Mamaroneck contact lenses. Some of the contact lenses we offer include trusted brand names such as Bausch & Lomb, CibaVision, CooperVision, Vistakon, Unilens, and more. These lenses also include the latest toric and multifocal designs for vision, both soft and hard lenses, and we also carry colored contacts for those who are interested in trying out a new look. With a contact lens exam, Dr. DiGiorgio can set your prescription and measure the curvature of your eyes while also looking out for any conditions of note. From there, a contact lens fitting will allow you to sample what lenses we have in stock so you can see which ones work best for you.

If you are in the market for Mamaroneck contact lenses, just visit Dr. Chris DiGiorgio at our Costco Branch on One Industrial Lane in New Rochelle today.

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