Pelham Manor Optometrist

Pelham Manor Optometrist

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Eye Doctor in Pelham Manor

Dr. Chris DiGiorgio is a Pelham Manor optometrist who runs a state of the art eye care practice. Our practice is conveniently located for our patients inside Costco. Our practice is committed to yours and your family’s eye care, providing you with comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams and fittings, a fully outfitted optical boutique and a huge selection of the finest quality eyewear.

Eye testing is done on site and we check the eyes for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases that can cause a loss of vision. If you need glasses or contacts, we will perform a refraction for glasses or a contact lens exam. The eyes need to be fitted specially for each type of corrective lens. Frames must be fitted to the face and to adhere to the type and size of lenses being used. Eye testing is imperative to keeping eyes healthy and clear. We recommend coming in annually, or, if you suffer from glaucoma, diabetic eyes or cataracts, as needed to check eyes. Any changes in vision should warrant a trip to our Pelham Manor optometrist, in case a change in prescription is needed. Some eye diseases don’t have any symptoms except for slight vision loss. In fact, the patient may not even notice that anything is wrong. In these cases it’s best to find the disease early on so that it can be treated early enough

Our Pelham Manor optometrist is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. We are open on Sundays by appointment only, and closed on Wednesdays. Our doctors, Dr. DiGiorgio and Dr. Fertig, are always here to answer your questions. Dr. DiGiorgio has been running the practice since 2007 and Dr. Fertig specializes in glaucoma, among other eye diseases.

Dr. Chris DiGiorgio
One Industrial Lane
New Rochelle, New York 10805
(914) 371-2822